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"There is no madness but that which is in every man, since it is man who constitutes madness in the attachment he bears for himself and by the illusions he entertains. Philautia is the first figure Folly leads out in her dance, but that is because they are linked by a privileged relation: self-attachment is the first sign of madness, but it is because man is attached to himself that he accepts error as truth, lies as reality, violence and ugliness as beauty and justice." 

--Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization: A History Of Insanity In The Age of Reason

Uskmatu - Whisper In A Dream Available Now!

Roy England's Uskmatu project, Whisper In A Dream brings a thoughtful departure from the usual dance floor excursions of Make Mistakes. 

From the opening washes of 'Sunset Over Troubled Waters' to Fatima Lily's floating vocals of 'The Long Walk', the sensuality of this full length is both intoxicating, and engaging. 

England's trademark attention to sonic detailing is on full display. The familiar strains of dub techno throughout provide a palette for the personal stylings of a true craftsman of sound design. 

For fans of Deadbeat, Rhythm and Sound and all lovers of headphone albums, and the dreamy dance floor.