Ac Jones & Roy England - The Shadow Gallery - Available Now! 2x12" Vinyl Double Pack

Make Mistakes head honcho Roy England teams up with pianist AC Jones to deliver The Shadow Gallery, a sprawling, hypnotic love letter to the dance floor. Music for the modern dance floor, with classic flair, and its heart on its sleeve. Get Some.

"We have no idea, now, of who or what the inhabitants of our future might be. In that sense, we have no future. Not in the sense that our grandparents had a future, or thought they did. Fully imagined cultural futures were the luxury of another day, one in which 'now' was of some greater duration. For us, of course, things can change so abruptly, so violently, so profoundly, that futures like our grandparents' have insufficient 'now' to stand on. We have no future because our present is too volatile. ... We have only risk management. The spinning of the given moment's scenarios. Pattern recognition" 

― William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

Derek Russo - The Passenger - Available now!

Derek Russo joins the Make Mistakes team with a new single of moody minimal techno, backed with fresh remixes from Jarvi, Fredy Grogan, Ilkhausen, Lone Dancer, and Roy England. Enjoy!

“This is what I thought: for the most banal even to become an adventure, you must (and this is enough) begin to recount it. This is what fools people: a man is always a teller of tales, he sees everything that happens to him through them; and he tries to live his own life as if he were telling a story. But you have to choose: live or tell.”

-Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea 

Uskmatu - Whisper In A Dream Remixed - Album Now Available!

A varied and beautiful remix album of Roy England’s Uskmatu project with vocals by Fatima Lily. Thank you for your continued support!

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way." 

- Christopher Hitchens

Lost Lake - Sea Spine EP - Available now on vinyl!

Lost Lake returns to Make Mistakes with a groovy new 4 tracker available on digital, vinyl, and streaming. With a super sweet dub house remix from Jr Gacworth. Get your copy today.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Master was gravely ill, and Zilu requested to say a prayer. The Master said, “does such a thing happen?” Zilu replied, “yes, it does. The prayer for the dead says: “we pray thus to the spirits above and below.” The Master said: “my prayers have been going on for a long time.”

- The Analects of Confucius

Fortune Finder - In The Land of Dreams - Now Available on Cassette!

Fortune finder’s new album is now available on cassette, streaming platforms, and your favorite digital retailer. The cassette also includes a few extra tunes. Enjoy!

"We are nothing but specks of dust in the flow of the uncaring Universe. There is no hope, only a prolonging of our inevitable death. In the face of such lack of purpose, I suggest you steal every bit that you can while in realities' embrace. Empty its pockets of jewels, and share them with the rest of the life shambling through its halls." 

- Fortune Finder