As Always, it is hard to pick and choose what I've done on the Elder Scrolls Online, I've worked on so much of the game for over five years now. So, I just pulled together some things that I had videos shot of and put them together, just to give a bit of an update to my material. I'll be putting one together for Clockwork City as soon as that content has been released. 

A collection of UI sounds and in-game video for Elder Scrolls Online. I have been in charge of developing the UI for both the PC and console (XboxOne, PS4) versions of ESO. The Elder Scrolls Online setting is rife with war, and I wanted the UI to reflect the harsh martial tone of the world. The world is also, of course, filled with magic, and demons, so for certain systems, such as The Champion system, I wanted to bring out that etherial quality to juxtapose against the harsh, militaristic sounds. 

I've worked on so many parts of Elder Scrolls Online, it's hard to choose what to include in a video, but, here is a collection of some of the creatures and abilities I've done for the game over the years. From VO and Foley to Abilities, I take care of all of the aspects of most of the monsters and humanoid baddies in the game. Also... you know, the rabbits, and birds and horkers. 

Melee kills for Fallout 4. Pretty bloody and splorchy. There are kills in there for The Ripper, which is a sword-like chainsaw, the sound of the chainsaw was to be added later, I provided a lot of goo and stabbing. 

LEGO Universe was my first title, and where I learned to always capitalize every letter in LEGO, and that LEGO is the plural AND the singular. This was a great starting point for me as a designer, as I had a chance to work on all aspects of game audio, from making a pet dog sound right, to setting up a generative soundtrack, we got a chance to try out everything. From Sci-Fi, to fantasy, to whimsical and comedic, pretty much got an idea of how to design for any situation.