PMS16 | Criminal Hearing - Green Wire


I have attached the photo.

I have to tell you, I do not have seen such a cable before

I think it was soldered on both ends.

This cable shorts the input voltage at the input-power-connector!

I am sure that this cable is not soldered from me.

It should not be possible that this unit ever worked with this cable inside.

Maybe you have any idea. You once gave your Miami to someone else?

I take out the wire and built up and completed your Miami again and it can be send back to you immediately.

Will you need the knobs?

Best regards


Juju and Jordash ""Stoplight Loosejaw""
Fishermen ""Anchor Buoy""
Magic Mountain High ""Untitled""
Hakim Murphy ""Octogon Polywog""
Steve Poindexter ""Computer Madness (Function Remix)""
The Exaltics ""Node #2Delta Funktionen Remix)""
S100 ""Krowork""
Zum Goldenen Schwarm ""Die Wolke""
Nukubus ""Skylark Dub""
DJ S2 ""Funkatropolis""
Arrtu ""Summin Bout Drums (Basic Soul Unit Remix)""
Kirk Degiorgio ""Isomer Shift""
CUB C U 2 (UST Funk Mix)
The Analogue Cops ""OCPLX1""
 Shawn Rudiman ""Solitude 1""

PMS15 | Bliss Bells and Birds - Rudy Kardos vs. Tantrum Tonic

Rudy Kardos vs. Tantrum Tonic is a side project of two solo artists in Philadelphia, with decades of experience between them. A few years back they decided to form a collaborative project based on primitive rhythms, a steady groove, and a few twists and turns that allow the listener to hear new sounds each and every time it is played. This is a tripleξexposure photograph of our near and dear friend Anastasia depicted inside her own artwork by John Schenk a.k.a Tantrum Tonic. 

Anastasia Blue has been a contributor and supporter to the Philadelphia electronic music scene for many years. She is a local artist in Philly, who brings a unique flavor to the dance floor. Anastasia also was instrumental in forging the Rudy Kardos and Tantrum Tonic alliance. This mix was performed live at her party in an underground castle in West Philadelphia.

PMS14 | Radere - Counterfeit Aquatics

There was a sense of escape in those spaces, and I still try to visit every few years when my schedule permits. Now, I’ll take my headphones and provide my own soundtrack to the experience; but as a boy, the dull echoes of families exploring the descending walkway that took you through the Atlantic Coral Reef and Shark Alley displays created a peculiar tension which I found intoxicating.

This mix was recorded using a stack of vinyl, a pair of Technics turntables, an Allen & Heath mixer, a Strymon El Capiston dTape Echo and a Moogerfooger MF-105M.

 I hope you enjoy it.


Environments — Caribbean Lagoon
J’_rgen M’_ller — Jenseits Des Stromes (Beyond The Tide)
Jana Winderen 
— Scuttling Around In The Shallows
Alvin Curran — Under The Fig Tree
Tomoko Sauvage  
— Amniotic Life (2)
Duane Pitre — Section II
Gareth Hardwick 
— Sunday Afternoon
Mike Shiflet — Sufferers
Conoco — Ventola
Model 500 — Starlight (Intrusion Dub)
Porter Ricks —Biokinetics 2
Vladislav Delay Quartet — Minus Degrees
Pete Swanson 
—Remote View
—Sleep (Fragment)

PMS13 | Dress For Excess - Ivy

I think I'm contemplating the future here,  just hoping that I'll be able to mix records as well as I'm dressed. I still need to step up my game.

 1. Drop Logik - Logilude2 - Black Bridge
2. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Feel The Love - Four Roses
3. Luca Lozano - Heaven And Hell (Penner and Muder Remix) - Klasse Recordings
4. Bot'Ox - Blue Steel Feat Anna Jean (Azari & III Remix) - Cliche (I am)
5. Jori Hulkkonen - I Am Dead feat. Jerry Valuri (Hercules & Love Affair Remix) -Sugarcane Recordings
6. DyE - Fantasy (Clement Meyer Remix) - Tigersushi
7. Chaim - Love Rehab feat. Meital De Razon - Bpitch Control
8. Steve Bug & Donnacha Costello - Still Music (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) - Poker Flat Recordings
9. Gesaffelstein - Glass - Turbo Recordings
10. Rafale - Eraser (Darabi Electrical Parade Remix) - Rise Recordings
11. Lord Of The Isles - We Were There (Dancin' Freestyle) - Solardisco Recordings
12. Undbeat - L'endroit Dehors (Toomy Disco Remix) - beaTMind
13. Dance Disorder - Zusammen - Bpitch Control
14. Jordan Dare - Shadow Town - My Favorite Robot Records
15. Budai & Vic - D.I.SZ.K.O. (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) - Discoteca Music

PMS12 | Deep Roots Redux - Revy

Sometimes it's important to take a look back to your roots. This photo from one of many outdoor gatherings in Idaho triggers a bit of nostalgia and homesickness for me, but more importantly, a yearning for growth.

 Preparing the mix brought on some vivid daydreams while I submersed myself in a sublime abyss of sounds, driven by an ebb and flow of deep atmospheres and synapse tickling grooves.

Alta Infidelidad - Cactus Y Volcanes [Thinner]
Tomzn - Deep Down in the Valley [Bleepsequence]
Doubtingthomas - Little Helper 56-3 [Little Helpers]
Marteaux - Mcrfn Eat [31337]
Juno6 - Whippersnapper [Broque]
Cleymoore - Sigismund Schlomo [MusicKollektiv]
Piltdown Sound - vc (Sys-Hex Remix) [Bleepsequence]
Roland Klinkenberg - OnkyDrummer (Forteba Remix) [Archipel]
Laurine Frost - Circulation [Thema]
Egon Orange - Autumn Leaves [Igloo]
Juno6 - Argonaut [1bitwonder]
Pheek - Crystal [Thinner]
Nacho Monetto - Escondid detr s de ti [Bleepsequence]
Eric Delay - Kindheitstraum [Fragment]
Sven Laux - Koguto [Archipel]

PMS11 | All I Want For Christmas Is Worldwide Anarchist Communism - Attentat

When looking for a picture to use for my Photographic Memories Series submission this seemed the most appropriate for obvious reasons. It's almost Christmas; a time of year so easy to love and hate with equal passion. Easy to love because, it’s nice to spend time with friends and family, and easy to hate because, well, it’s Christmas. By the look on my face it appears I embraced distaste for the celebration of baby Jesus. This is insightful because I remember myself being a greedy little bastard at that age.

 I remember, once, my selfishness got the best of me, and I attempted to clandestinely open a gift while hiding behind a rocking chair in my parent’s living room,  only to be caught by one of my siblings with a handful of brand new LEGO pieces in my sticky paws. I used to beg to open gifts before Christmas day, and sometimes my parents would give in, mostly because I wouldn't leave them alone until I got my way.

 When I found this photo it gave me hope I wasnäó»t always a greedy little tub of fat; a pushy whiner that pressured people until they gave in to his demands. If only I knew why I was wearing a look of disgust and disappointment? Is my grimace a sign of my future attitude towards Christmas and popular culture? An attitude containing heavy doses of cynicism and disgust aimed at the obsession capitalist society places on the accumulation of material goods? Maybe, it’s a look saying, I'm just freaked out by the fact I'm sitting on a creepy guy's lap hoping for toys? Perhaps, an early awareness of the humiliating nature of this degrading system of bondage, and wage slavery humans have so happily embraced?

I’m not a fan of Christmas because it perpetuates the hyper-individualism, greed, and selfishness inherent in the capitalist system. This year however, I would like three things for Christmas, (1) worldwide anarchist communism, (2) looting and redistribution of the Christmas stockings of the rich (3) a good rave to keep the people moving through the night. Please Santa! I promise I was good this year!


1. Claudio PRC - Clear Depths
2. Function - Variance 3 (Marcel Dettmann Edit)
3. Ryan Elliot - Abatis
4. Obtane - Thrilling Love
5. Cio D’or - Wasserkraft
6. Steffi - Tank (Beat Version)
7. Nick Chacona - Be Like Olive (Levon Vincent Remix)
8. Abstract Division - Deformation (Norman Nodge Remix)
9. Kangding Ray - Oise
10. Troy Pierce - Go Without Me (Stay Away)
11. Little Nobody - Metropolis How (James Ruskin Remix)
12. Modern Heads & Dino Sabatini - Dry Bleep
13. Claudio PRC & Obtane - Antykithera Mechanism
14. Pablo Denegri & Mekas - Chakal  (Jonas Kopp Blue Book Remix)
15. James Ruskin  Regis  & O/V/R - Post-Traumtic Son (Marcel Dettman Constructon 2)
16. Valmay - Old Dog
17. Mathias Schaffhauser - Utopia (Krause Duo remix Nr. 1)
18. dOP - Progagande Americaine

PMS10 | Now I Like Techno | Roy England

Christmas eve....what a wonderful night. The one day a year my mother would buy me McDonalds. Every year it was always the same order from me. Then 19 years ago I heard techno for the first time. I used to like Mc Nuggets, now I like techno.

Pornographic Priestess - Dubiosity - Translucent

We Are Phuture (Carl Cox & Steve Ward Warehouse Dub Mix) - DJ Pierre, Carl Cox Steve Ward and Phuture - Bush Records
The Topsham Ten (Mark Broom Remix) - George Lanham - Heavy Reel
Chordhose (Mark Broom Club Mix) - Toby Dreher - Rotary Cocktail Recordings
Aftertaste (Audio Injection Remix) - Side B - 069 Techno
Diffraction (Jonas Kopp Remix) - Truncate - Modularz
Hyper Lust Feat. Billie Ray Martin (Pfirter Remix) - Motor - CLR
Start Chopping (Tommy Four Seven Remix) - Perc - Perc Trax
Evil (Elbodrop Remix) - DJ Rush
Robin Hirte - Truth Tracks
They Sex Machinas (Perc's Dub Decision) - Mick Finesse - Perc Trax
Bites - James Ruskin
Mark Broom - Blueprint Records
Noise A (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) - Alex Bau - Sleaze Records (UK)
Revenge Of The 106 - D.Diggler - Resopal Schallware
Clito - Microdinamic - People Going Crazy

PMS09 | From Green To Chartreuse - Paul Baker

This photo marks my second memory: walking down a Dutch country lane, wearing this jacket and adjusting my belt. that's castle Dordrecht in the background. We don't really change as much as we'd like to think. Except now my castles are made out of clouds.



1.Ken Nordine - Green
2.Hakan Lidbo - Froken Ur
3.Revy - deltitnu
4.Aspen - Are you that retail Snob? (Singer MX)
5.The Missing Link - Warm Down
6.Juan Farcik - Shimmering
7.Jeff Miligan - Rue Boeuf
8.Alex Smoke - Neds (Tolga Fidan Remix)
9.Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - Message II (Survival)
10.Brausebruder - Fiepobratz
11.Billy Dalessandro - Cracktime
12.Daniel Bell - Trip To The Moon
13.Juan Farcik - Black Church
14.Audion - Fred's Bells
15.Hakan Lidbo - Ektoplasma
16.Attentat - Lines of Flight
17.Alex Under - Ma Aguja En El Pajar
18.Storlon - La Garde

19.Ken Nordine - Chartreuse

PMS08 | Hello Again - Jason Graves

As I was searching for inspiration one day, I wandered down a random ally and found this weather beaten door with rusty hinges and amazing layers of texture. Now 14 years later, each time I look at this photo I recall a different memory from the years that I spent living in Chicago.

 Much like when I listen to a song or track depending on what I pay attention to in the composition, it will trigger a different feeling, emotion or memory each time I listen to it. With this mix I intended to make a connection between the textures in the photo with the different textures in the music and how when stimulated by sound or imagery the vast collection of memories that are locked away inside our minds, can be recalled and or rediscovered instantly like they were never even forgotten.

 Much like having a photographic memory.



1. Welcome Trigona (Original Mix) - Ricky Rich
2.Ninja Slipper (Sasse Dub) - Paul Hardy
3.Like Button (Platonik Remix) - Stryker Pose
4.Hybrid (Animal Mix) - Peter Last
6.A Skilift Upstairs - Remix - Max_Cooper
7.Hard Loving - Remix - Mihai Popoviciu
8.On The Dark Side (Original Mix) - Rick Pier O'Neil
9.Self Defense (Daegon Remix) - Felix Lorusso
10.Rebound (Original Mix) - DJ Entwan
11.Presure (Original Mix) - Pitt Larsen
12.Via Flamenca (The Drunkers Remix) - Helen Brown
13.Stand Up (Original Mix) - Cheise

PMS07 | Frontside Flip - Roger That

This mix is a compilation of groove based cuts that I recorded over the past year or so. Made with a drum machine, a synth and samples. I wanted to try and put out something different.

its my first time doing something like this, it is a new project that will continue to progress as I am vinyl junkie and always will be.

This picture is really funny, it's 8th grade with all my friends. All we did then was skateboard and pull pranks on people.



PMS06 | Fosdick - Summer Daze

When I was initially asked about contributing a mix to the Photographic Memory Series, this childhood photo immediately came to mind. The mix is my interpretation of being outside on a hot summer day, slowly building and becoming heavier as the brooding sun beats down upon you and day slowly turns to night. Enjoy.


Artist | Track | Remix

01. Louer - Unarius (Fosdick Edit)
02. Wareika  dOP - Play Play Play (Fosdick Rework)
03. Sascha Rydell - Rainy Days (Fosdick Edit)
04. Maya Jane Coles - Parallel Worlds
05. Claro Intelecto - New Life (Fosdick Edit)
06. Claptone - Cream (Fosdick's Get The Money Rework)
07. Duererstuben - Troumhuft Costlish (Fosdick Edit)
08. Gianni Amoroso - For Your Love
09. Nick Hoeppner - Isp (Fosdick Edit)
10. Ambivalent - 808 Clap (Fosdick's Round Of Applause Tool)
11. Roman Lindau - Slow Dope (Fosdick Edit)
12. No Artificial Colours - Detroit Baby What (Fosdick's Show You Rework)
13. Kolsch - Opa
14. Tiga - Overtime (Motor City Drum Ensemble Tape Dub Mix)
15. Xhin - Plexus (Tool)
16. SCB - Down Moment
17. Guy J - Mikro (Nick Muir Edit)
18. Reel By Real - I Won't Follow (Fosdick's Follow The Leader Edit)
19. UBB feat. Mairead - Dark Frequencies
20. Mike Parker - Kaze No Oto

PMS05 | Lessons Learned - Benjamin Shreves

Our fifth mix comes from a kindred spirit with a raw taste in techno, techno's little brother, Benjamin Shreves. As with Mr. Corder, Benjamin is a shy one himself and decided it would be better for us to do the talking.

Well...what looks like a stage with some cables, cashed Coronas, some speakers and a CDJ has inspired Ben to put together a brooding mix of the techno and electro music. Ben is all vinyl, all banging, all the time and this peak into his crate and mind we are thankful for. Apparently some mistakes were made and a few lessons learned

 which by all accounts around our offices, Is what life is all about. Benjamin is in Berlin for the summer season on a journey of sorts, so we wish him all the best and look forward to hearing his purchases from Hard Wax.

artist | track | label

1. Bakey Ustl - A Tender Place [Unthank]
2. Kyle Hall - Xero [Wild Oats]
3. Nate Williams - Club Patrol (Roy's DeathwishξMix) [Sex Trax]
4. Bam Bam äóñ Where's Your Child? [Tresor]
5. Green Velvet - Destination Unknown [Velvet]
6. Planetary Assault Systems - Black Tea [Ostgut Ton]
7. EQD äóñ A [Equalized #005]
8. Tazz - Unrestrained [Underground Quality]
9. Levon Vincent äóñ Man Or Mistress [Novel Sound]
10. Rrose - Waterfall [Sandwell District]

PMS04 | OffTheSky - Playroom Castles

It is 1985 and I am really proud of the work behind me. Starting with thE Picasso up top I threw together in in art class, it really brings the room together. Speaking of the room, how about that wall paper? Funktastic, they don't make the stuff like they use to. The chalk coordinates on the table are more important then you think, commonly overlooked by the likes of my parents and other important people of the time....and don't think that confidence written all over my face has nothing to do with the magnificent plastic fortress I erected. The white knight is even facing the castle to battle, attention to details...that's how I roll.


Artist | Release | Track | Time


1. rob theakston - I Am Waiting for You to Stop Being Mad at Me (Christopher Bissonnette Remix) = 0:00-6:03
2. moss - moss(molly berg
3. marc doudin - hibernation - reproduction = 5:08-11:24
4. bvdub - the art of dying alone - to finally forget it all = 6:05-16:38
5. gurun gurun - gurun gurun - fu(opiate remix) = 15:29-21:49
6. low in the sky - a shared rainbow - shamu sleeps tonight = 18:40-21:26
7. aaron martin - chautauqua - two and a half acres = 20:05-22:36
8. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious - mental projection = 20:57-25:55
9. aaron martin - chautauqua - two and a half acres = 23:50-26:11
10. Happenstance - Happenstance - all fish no chips = 24:28-27:23
11. ursula bogner - sonne = blackbox - Illusorische Planeten = 27:14-27:39
12. peaking lights - 936 - amazing and wonderful = 27:41-33:09
13. ursula bogner - sonne = blackbox - Illusorische Planeten = 31:17-33:41
14. dntel - enya mixes - afer ventus = 32:05-36:08
15. ursula bogner - sonne = blackbox - signalfluss = 33:06-34:15
16. kreng - grimoire - karcist = 35:25-40:23
17. pole - waldgeschichten ep - wurzel = 36:09-40:12
18. ursula bogner - sonne = blackbox - signalfluss = 37:13-40:24
19. rene hell - the terminal symphony - Cello Suite No. 3 = 40:17-42:14
20. hakobune - away from the lunar waters - photometry = 41:10-48:33
21. grouper - a i a : alien observer - alien ovserver = 41:31-47:29
22. sawako and hofli - live in tokyo april 10
23. noveller - glacial glow - tuesday before poland = 50:02-53:44

PMS03 | Time for Trees - Meagan's Mix Pt. 1


This is the first part of a mix, the rest of which only Meagan has. They are made for my lovely fiancee Meagan in celebration of our more than four years together. We like to take road trips and she is a lover of all things disco funk and house so I picked out 30 some odd tracks that reminded me of her and began the process of crafting them into a cohesive set of music. This is part one of that mix.

She is an artist and has created me countless drawings. I am not, I am a DJ so this is how I show my affection. The mixes are really for us to listen to together when we go on road trips which is a thing we like to do. The photo accompanying this mix was taken at Disneyland while on a madcap adventure from Denver to California and back again. I have seen her dancing to and enjoying the mix

This mix is best listened to in a car while you're speeding down the road to somewhere or something... whenever there is adventure to be had.

Artist | Track | Label

Mushrooms Project - Amazzone - Is It Balearic
Soiree - Overgroomed - Bear Funk
Ytre Rymden - Dansskola Haraball - Full Pupp
Telephones - Kanal - Full Pup
Coyote - Childhood Melody (Peter Visti Remix) - Is It Balearic
Kasper Bjorke - Man From Venice - Push Communications
Mano Le Tough - Lets Not Talk About Love - Permanent Vacation
Magnus International - Goober (Marius Circus Remix) - Full Pupp
Prins Thomas - Morfar - Full Pupp
Roberto Rodriguez Manolo - I Got - Fina Records

PMS02 | Ductape - Enjoy The Silence

i have a collection of hundreds of polaroids, some of people, some of places, some of light, and some of things. it was my favorite documentation process for many years and i still wish to use it sometimes. for years we tried to take one of every person who came into the cafe

 and after a while they were all over the walls. it was like a rite of passage in that place. this girl only worked with us for a short time. she cut the tip of her finger off in one of the grinders when trying to fix it. and then she drew a comic about it. and sang to it everyday until it grew back. when i see this, i try to remember if she is making any sound as i took the picture. excitement and shyness all at the same time. that's what she makes me feel, whenever i think of her. enjoy the silence, it says.

Artist | Track | Album | Label

opiate - 1% in 2/3 speed - while you were sleeping - april
mountain man - arabella - made the harbor - partisan
jose gonzalez - instrumental - stay in the shade - imperial
smog - say valley maker - a river ain't too much to love - drag city
nils frahm - more - felt - erased tapes
interlude white rainbow - sleep now we are soft (dirty projectors rmx) - box - marriage
ben frost - theory of machines (reprise) - by the throat - bedroom community
sufjan stevens - you are the blood - dark was the night - 4ad
nicolas ajar - why didn't you save me - don't break my love - clown and sunset
purity ring - lofticries - ungirthed ep - transparent
peaking lights - synthy - 936 - not not fun
nils frahm - peter - juno - erased tapes

PMS01 | steofan - Lenai


 Ireland in 1982. My father sisters and I were born in Dublin where we lived until 1983. That's me on the scooter in the middle, and my sister Robyn is behind me to the left with the blonde shags. The rest of the children are family friends and neighborhood can't see or hear the sound system but believe it the vibe was on point...a great day.

Track | Artist | Label

1. Low Pt 1 | Soylent Green Roman Fluegel | Sister Midnight
2. Detroit Beatdown Tribute (XDB Remix)| Joe Babylon XDB | Roundabout Sounds
3. Dvarg | Joel Alter Henrik Jonsson | Kontra Musik
4. Gredingotte | Cabanne | 31337 Records
5. Orian | Onur Ozer | Vakent
6. I Throw Water Into The Lake | Ricardo Villalobos Anthony Collins
7. Kawaba (DJ Koze's Kosi - San Remix) | Mathias Kaden DJ Koze | Vakent
8. Stare | Philogresz | Sound Architecture Records
9. Follow The Smoke (Clovis Remix) | Walker Barnard Clovis | Adjunct Audio
10. Sunrise Industry | Pigon | Dial Records
11. Lead Balloon | Richard Seeley | Zombie Soundsystem
12. Maayancholy | Cesar Merveille Guti | Cadenza