PMS05 | Lessons Learned - Benjamin Shreves

Our fifth mix comes from a kindred spirit with a raw taste in techno, techno's little brother, Benjamin Shreves. As with Mr. Corder, Benjamin is a shy one himself and decided it would be better for us to do the talking.

Well...what looks like a stage with some cables, cashed Coronas, some speakers and a CDJ has inspired Ben to put together a brooding mix of the techno and electro music. Ben is all vinyl, all banging, all the time and this peak into his crate and mind we are thankful for. Apparently some mistakes were made and a few lessons learned

 which by all accounts around our offices, Is what life is all about. Benjamin is in Berlin for the summer season on a journey of sorts, so we wish him all the best and look forward to hearing his purchases from Hard Wax.

artist | track | label

1. Bakey Ustl - A Tender Place [Unthank]
2. Kyle Hall - Xero [Wild Oats]
3. Nate Williams - Club Patrol (Roy's DeathwishξMix) [Sex Trax]
4. Bam Bam äóñ Where's Your Child? [Tresor]
5. Green Velvet - Destination Unknown [Velvet]
6. Planetary Assault Systems - Black Tea [Ostgut Ton]
7. EQD äóñ A [Equalized #005]
8. Tazz - Unrestrained [Underground Quality]
9. Levon Vincent äóñ Man Or Mistress [Novel Sound]
10. Rrose - Waterfall [Sandwell District]