PMS08 | Hello Again - Jason Graves

As I was searching for inspiration one day, I wandered down a random ally and found this weather beaten door with rusty hinges and amazing layers of texture. Now 14 years later, each time I look at this photo I recall a different memory from the years that I spent living in Chicago.

 Much like when I listen to a song or track depending on what I pay attention to in the composition, it will trigger a different feeling, emotion or memory each time I listen to it. With this mix I intended to make a connection between the textures in the photo with the different textures in the music and how when stimulated by sound or imagery the vast collection of memories that are locked away inside our minds, can be recalled and or rediscovered instantly like they were never even forgotten.

 Much like having a photographic memory.



1. Welcome Trigona (Original Mix) - Ricky Rich
2.Ninja Slipper (Sasse Dub) - Paul Hardy
3.Like Button (Platonik Remix) - Stryker Pose
4.Hybrid (Animal Mix) - Peter Last
6.A Skilift Upstairs - Remix - Max_Cooper
7.Hard Loving - Remix - Mihai Popoviciu
8.On The Dark Side (Original Mix) - Rick Pier O'Neil
9.Self Defense (Daegon Remix) - Felix Lorusso
10.Rebound (Original Mix) - DJ Entwan
11.Presure (Original Mix) - Pitt Larsen
12.Via Flamenca (The Drunkers Remix) - Helen Brown
13.Stand Up (Original Mix) - Cheise