PMS03 | Time for Trees - Meagan's Mix Pt. 1


This is the first part of a mix, the rest of which only Meagan has. They are made for my lovely fiancee Meagan in celebration of our more than four years together. We like to take road trips and she is a lover of all things disco funk and house so I picked out 30 some odd tracks that reminded me of her and began the process of crafting them into a cohesive set of music. This is part one of that mix.

She is an artist and has created me countless drawings. I am not, I am a DJ so this is how I show my affection. The mixes are really for us to listen to together when we go on road trips which is a thing we like to do. The photo accompanying this mix was taken at Disneyland while on a madcap adventure from Denver to California and back again. I have seen her dancing to and enjoying the mix

This mix is best listened to in a car while you're speeding down the road to somewhere or something... whenever there is adventure to be had.

Artist | Track | Label

Mushrooms Project - Amazzone - Is It Balearic
Soiree - Overgroomed - Bear Funk
Ytre Rymden - Dansskola Haraball - Full Pupp
Telephones - Kanal - Full Pup
Coyote - Childhood Melody (Peter Visti Remix) - Is It Balearic
Kasper Bjorke - Man From Venice - Push Communications
Mano Le Tough - Lets Not Talk About Love - Permanent Vacation
Magnus International - Goober (Marius Circus Remix) - Full Pupp
Prins Thomas - Morfar - Full Pupp
Roberto Rodriguez Manolo - I Got - Fina Records