PMS11 | All I Want For Christmas Is Worldwide Anarchist Communism - Attentat

When looking for a picture to use for my Photographic Memories Series submission this seemed the most appropriate for obvious reasons. It's almost Christmas; a time of year so easy to love and hate with equal passion. Easy to love because, it’s nice to spend time with friends and family, and easy to hate because, well, it’s Christmas. By the look on my face it appears I embraced distaste for the celebration of baby Jesus. This is insightful because I remember myself being a greedy little bastard at that age.

 I remember, once, my selfishness got the best of me, and I attempted to clandestinely open a gift while hiding behind a rocking chair in my parent’s living room,  only to be caught by one of my siblings with a handful of brand new LEGO pieces in my sticky paws. I used to beg to open gifts before Christmas day, and sometimes my parents would give in, mostly because I wouldn't leave them alone until I got my way.

 When I found this photo it gave me hope I wasnäó»t always a greedy little tub of fat; a pushy whiner that pressured people until they gave in to his demands. If only I knew why I was wearing a look of disgust and disappointment? Is my grimace a sign of my future attitude towards Christmas and popular culture? An attitude containing heavy doses of cynicism and disgust aimed at the obsession capitalist society places on the accumulation of material goods? Maybe, it’s a look saying, I'm just freaked out by the fact I'm sitting on a creepy guy's lap hoping for toys? Perhaps, an early awareness of the humiliating nature of this degrading system of bondage, and wage slavery humans have so happily embraced?

I’m not a fan of Christmas because it perpetuates the hyper-individualism, greed, and selfishness inherent in the capitalist system. This year however, I would like three things for Christmas, (1) worldwide anarchist communism, (2) looting and redistribution of the Christmas stockings of the rich (3) a good rave to keep the people moving through the night. Please Santa! I promise I was good this year!


1. Claudio PRC - Clear Depths
2. Function - Variance 3 (Marcel Dettmann Edit)
3. Ryan Elliot - Abatis
4. Obtane - Thrilling Love
5. Cio D’or - Wasserkraft
6. Steffi - Tank (Beat Version)
7. Nick Chacona - Be Like Olive (Levon Vincent Remix)
8. Abstract Division - Deformation (Norman Nodge Remix)
9. Kangding Ray - Oise
10. Troy Pierce - Go Without Me (Stay Away)
11. Little Nobody - Metropolis How (James Ruskin Remix)
12. Modern Heads & Dino Sabatini - Dry Bleep
13. Claudio PRC & Obtane - Antykithera Mechanism
14. Pablo Denegri & Mekas - Chakal  (Jonas Kopp Blue Book Remix)
15. James Ruskin  Regis  & O/V/R - Post-Traumtic Son (Marcel Dettman Constructon 2)
16. Valmay - Old Dog
17. Mathias Schaffhauser - Utopia (Krause Duo remix Nr. 1)
18. dOP - Progagande Americaine