PMS12 | Deep Roots Redux - Revy

Sometimes it's important to take a look back to your roots. This photo from one of many outdoor gatherings in Idaho triggers a bit of nostalgia and homesickness for me, but more importantly, a yearning for growth.

 Preparing the mix brought on some vivid daydreams while I submersed myself in a sublime abyss of sounds, driven by an ebb and flow of deep atmospheres and synapse tickling grooves.

Alta Infidelidad - Cactus Y Volcanes [Thinner]
Tomzn - Deep Down in the Valley [Bleepsequence]
Doubtingthomas - Little Helper 56-3 [Little Helpers]
Marteaux - Mcrfn Eat [31337]
Juno6 - Whippersnapper [Broque]
Cleymoore - Sigismund Schlomo [MusicKollektiv]
Piltdown Sound - vc (Sys-Hex Remix) [Bleepsequence]
Roland Klinkenberg - OnkyDrummer (Forteba Remix) [Archipel]
Laurine Frost - Circulation [Thema]
Egon Orange - Autumn Leaves [Igloo]
Juno6 - Argonaut [1bitwonder]
Pheek - Crystal [Thinner]
Nacho Monetto - Escondid detr s de ti [Bleepsequence]
Eric Delay - Kindheitstraum [Fragment]
Sven Laux - Koguto [Archipel]