PMS15 | Bliss Bells and Birds - Rudy Kardos vs. Tantrum Tonic

Rudy Kardos vs. Tantrum Tonic is a side project of two solo artists in Philadelphia, with decades of experience between them. A few years back they decided to form a collaborative project based on primitive rhythms, a steady groove, and a few twists and turns that allow the listener to hear new sounds each and every time it is played. This is a tripleξexposure photograph of our near and dear friend Anastasia depicted inside her own artwork by John Schenk a.k.a Tantrum Tonic. 

Anastasia Blue has been a contributor and supporter to the Philadelphia electronic music scene for many years. She is a local artist in Philly, who brings a unique flavor to the dance floor. Anastasia also was instrumental in forging the Rudy Kardos and Tantrum Tonic alliance. This mix was performed live at her party in an underground castle in West Philadelphia.