PMS02 | Ductape - Enjoy The Silence

i have a collection of hundreds of polaroids, some of people, some of places, some of light, and some of things. it was my favorite documentation process for many years and i still wish to use it sometimes. for years we tried to take one of every person who came into the cafe

 and after a while they were all over the walls. it was like a rite of passage in that place. this girl only worked with us for a short time. she cut the tip of her finger off in one of the grinders when trying to fix it. and then she drew a comic about it. and sang to it everyday until it grew back. when i see this, i try to remember if she is making any sound as i took the picture. excitement and shyness all at the same time. that's what she makes me feel, whenever i think of her. enjoy the silence, it says.

Artist | Track | Album | Label

opiate - 1% in 2/3 speed - while you were sleeping - april
mountain man - arabella - made the harbor - partisan
jose gonzalez - instrumental - stay in the shade - imperial
smog - say valley maker - a river ain't too much to love - drag city
nils frahm - more - felt - erased tapes
interlude white rainbow - sleep now we are soft (dirty projectors rmx) - box - marriage
ben frost - theory of machines (reprise) - by the throat - bedroom community
sufjan stevens - you are the blood - dark was the night - 4ad
nicolas ajar - why didn't you save me - don't break my love - clown and sunset
purity ring - lofticries - ungirthed ep - transparent
peaking lights - synthy - 936 - not not fun
nils frahm - peter - juno - erased tapes