SMWC2017_02, 03 mixed by Paul Senet

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Paul sez:

Josh asked me to make a mix for him a while ago with the prompt "play stuff you'd want to listen to at home on Sunday morning." After a year of ruminating over what I want to listen to I gave up and did my taxes. To celebrate countless hours of organizing and filing, I decided to put together some tracks for this mix. Somewhere along the way it became a two part mix. Probably a mistake but, hey, you get it.


Part 1:
Suzanne Kraft - The Result - Melody As Truth
Superpitcher - Jackson - Kompakt
Christian Löffler - Alpine Sketch - Ki Records
Jens-Uwe Beyer - Final 10 - Kompakt
Emanative - Om Supreme (feat. Jessica Lauren) - Steve Reid Foundation
Vermont - Ufer - Kompakt
Francis Bebey - Sanza nocturne - Born Bad Records
Azamat - For Sure (Album version) - Not On Label
Radiohead - I Will (Santi Edit) - Not On Label
SLG - Rondo De Gaulle'a - Step Recordings
Lou Reed - Tout Doux Tout Doux (Jay Airiness Rework) - Not On Label
Lovvarion - UndAbDiePost - Kopfüber

Part 2:

Azamat - Another Man - Not On Label
Life on Planets - Chance Encounter - Sub_Urban
Bob Dylan - Serve Somebody (Zimmy Edit) - Not On Label
Das Komplex - Universe - Step Recordings
Project Pablo - Morning Shift - Spring Theory
Pacifica - Memory Man (Kalabrese Remix) - Drumpoet Community
Laurence Guy - Bamboo - Church
Paxton Fettel - Future Adventures - Greta Cottage Workshop
Daniela La Luz - Did You Ever - K7 Records
Roy Ayers - Come To Me (Franck Roger Instrumental) - Rapster Records
Sleazy McQueen - Oh She-la (2 Spare Astronauts Version) - Whiskey Disco
Round - Lucky Star - Hivern Discs
The Sight Below & Chaos - Conversazioni stellari (Kyoto mix) - Permanent Vacation
Kornel Kovacs - Space Jam - Smallville Records
William Onyeabor - Your Name (Rhucs Airport Edit) - Not On Label

SMWC2017_01 mixed by newnumbertwo


One of the oldest of friends newnumbertwo brings us the first mix of SMWC for 2017. A dreamy romp through house and techno. get a nice warm cup, have a sit outside and listen to some jams. 

newnumbertwo says:

As you know, the last 4-5 years I’ve been immersing myself in the UK post-garage/future forward/broken beat/whatever you want to call it sound, and I started noticing I had these deeper tracks that wouldn’t normally fit into one of my sets. Floaty, sentimental, lilting, but all with the swingin funk I love so much.

So, last Sunday, I woke up, made myself some amazing coffee and put this mix together. I hope you like it. Thanks for letting me contribute, and for being my buddy all these years.


  1. Dauwd - Moiety
  2. Sly-One - Come to Mine
  3. Horsepower Productions - Bak 2 NY
  4. October & Borai - I Didn't Mean To
  5. Youandwean - Alright Son
  6. Hackman - You Should Make Me
  7. Simo Cell - Gliding
  8. Paul Woolford - Pursuit (Extrawelt's Griddle Mix)
  9. ASC - Sonic Assault (Kangding Ray Mix)
  10. Arkist feat Appleblim - Addict (Komon Remix)


20.11.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Time for Trees

Relax, but, also, maybe freak out a bit this Sunday Morning. It's probably a good time to be ready for anything.

1. G by Prins Thomas
2. Rays by Kasper Bjørke
3. What Can I Do by Sally Shapiro
4. Elva by Robin, Trulz
5. Mytheme IV by Chris Paladin
6. Resistance Through Ritual (Space Dub) by Richard Sen
7. Closing Shot by Lindstrøm
8. Cirkla by Dorisburg
9. Turbulence by Paul Twin
10. Ben_M by Mattheis
11. Escape From Germany by Lazerhawk

25.09.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Time for Trees

Deep grooves, and love jams from Time for Trees in a farewell to summer. Turn your collar up, switch on the jams, and grab a funky cup.


1.Song With A Name by Man Power
2.Live Drama by Hugh Mane
3.Control Drama by Hugh Mane
4.Chess (radio edit) by Chris Paladin
5.Blame It On Rea by Max Essa
6.Singularity by Bonnie & Klein
7.Seif by Chris Paladin
8.Blue Skies by Cadillac
9.Told you So by Cameo Culture
10.Lovin' Feelin' by French 79
11.Labyrinth by Joakim
12.North Shore (Max Essa Remix) by Cantoma
13.Body Time by Max Essa
14.Taronja by Man Power
15.Gambarra by Cantoma
16.E by Prins Thomas
17.Postscript by Sally Shapiro

07.08.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Radere

Stay grounded in the liminal state between waking and dreaming with Radere this week on Sunday Morning With Coffee. Dreamy drones and ambient excursions, never wake up.

Radere mumbles, "Recorded at home using 2x Technics turntables, a Rane MP2015 mixer, and Korg KP3+ effects processor."

Listen, download and stream here on our site, or through iTunes and MixCloud.

1.Voice In XY by Lino Capra Vaccina,
2.Unicorn In Paradise by Laraaji,
3.Rubycon - Part One by Tangerine Dream,
4.Sehr Kosmisch by Harmonia,
5.Aqua by Edgar Froese,
6.West Ridge by Max Loderbauer + Jacek Sienkiewicz,
7.Intro by Voices From The Lake,
8.Message 18.10.77 by Ariel Kalma,
9.No Longer Of Our Time by Jon Mueller + Duane Pitre,
10.In Den Gärten Pharaos by Popol Vuh,

24.07.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Time for Trees

After a little break for some vacation traveling, Time for Trees is back with a sunday morning mix filled with house and techno for your lovely heart. Sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and dig some jamz.


1.Midnight In PeckhambyChaos In The CBD
2.We Love You (Reboot's Unicorn Remake) by Guti
3.First Time We Met (Original Mix) by Kasper Bjorke, Abstraxion
4.Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Mix) by Royksopp
5.Lit by Kiasmos
6.Sky and Sand (Robag's Borsi Alpakka Rehand) by Paul Kalkbrenner and Robag Whrume
7.Rannoch Moor by Stephen Lopkin
8.Arancio d'autunno by G.U.A
9.Standards by Slavaki
10.Your Effect by Hidden Spheres
11.Held by Kiasmos
12.Joker (Dave DK Mix) by Gui Boratto
13.The Permanent Way by Stephen Lopkin

26.06.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Attentat

Our secret agent man Attentat comes to Sunday Morning with a far ranging mix mutating from experimental folk, and ambient drones to pulsing techno, and deep water tub. Relax, reflect, and get this in your earholes.


1.In The Spirit Acapella byHatikvah
2.Aqua 5 by Donato Dozzy & Neel
3.Greenish In Light by Christopher Bissonnette
4.They and Their Friends by Arthur Russel
5.Surface of Your Sin by offthesky
6.Raxeira by Eric CLoutier
7.Monkey Island by STL
8.Many Meters Work by Exos
9.Untitled 3 by Relay
10.Eastwood by Exos
11.Ariast by Hironori Takahashi
12.Red by Empathy Dub
13.Summer by Quartier Midi
14.Morsin by Dario Zenker
15.All Your Emergencies by Chaperone

12.06.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Time for Trees

Time for Trees comes into a sleepy sunday with a dreamy mix for resting hearts. Chill out, grab a cup, and drift away.


1.Rotor (Original Mix) by Antenna Happy
2.Change of Mind feat. Forrest (Kiki Remix) by Darlyn Vlys, Forrest, Melokolektiv
3.Looped (Original Mix) by Kiasmos
4.Odd Water (Original Mix) by The Analog Roland Orchestra
5.Cold Dubb (Original Mix) by Pawas
6.Find You In Every Street (Original Mix) by Pulshar
7.To the Moon and Back (Original Mix) by Douglas Greed
8.White Island by Paul Twin
9.Caldera (Original Mix) by Recondite
10.Och Aye the Noo (Original Mix) by Stephen Lopkin
11.The Valley Of Songs (Original Mix) by Woo York
12.Pisces by John Beltran
3.Cam Kale (Original Mix) by Tolga Fidan

29.05.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: aMIGA aMIGO

our friend from France aMIGA aMIGO delivers a sunny outdoor fun time adventure of a sunday morning for you this week. Get outside, give a listen, and check out his new EP on Make Mistakes!



1.trace by MIDLAND
2.zulu (MPJT edit) by HVNed03
5.rust (Midland dub) by AKASE
6.restless nights by SCHATRAX
7.the weak nuclear force (rich lane remix) by DUNCAN GRAY
8.this is X by RED AXES feat. JEN cooper (nocturnal Sunshine remix) by FLOYD LAVINE AND MEY


15.05.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee and Home Normal - Time for Trees

This week's Sunday Morning mix comprises a handful of music from the always wonderful Home Normal label, run by old pal Ian Hawgood. There's so much great music on HN that I'll probably have to do a few of these to really do the label justice, but here is the first selection for you to enjoy. A super relaxing ambient journey to accompany your day.

1.aurore II by Nicolas Bernier
2.The sunflower who does not like to turn to the sun by Philippe Petit & Friends
3.A Film by Ten and Tracer by Ten and Tracer, Ian Hawgood
4.Harrowgate 1 by Elian
5.Asthenospheric Movement II by Faures
6.Dexterous Bushwa by Olan Mill
7.Atardecer by Federico Durand
8.rot gelb by René Margraff
9.3. Just For A Thrill by Fabio Orsi
10.Donors by Tobias Hellkvist
11.revera by fifto
12.we will not be silence by juxta phona
13.Kite by Stefano Guzzetti

01.05.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: DJ Brian Damage

Sunday Morning With Coffee this week comes from old pal, and prolific musician, Brian Grainger, better known as Milieu. I asked him if he had a tracklist for the mix and he said, "well yes and no, it's all like, every minute of it is three to five loops from different tracks. I think I made loops from about forty tracks before starting, then just kicked it out live." So, just get comfy, grab a cup and get ready for a loopy, groovin', head trip adventure. Subscribe through our site, iTunes, or MixCloud.

17.04.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Time for Trees

Time for Trees rolled out of bed this morning and was all, oh shit, time to go to outer space, so he trundled into the studio and mixed up some disco, house, and techno for your sunday morning. Pour a cup, and blast off, by sitting really still and bein' chill. Or dance around, whatever, no one can tell you how to live your life. Government sure is trying though, right? Anyway, vote for Bernie Sanders. Subscribe and listen On Our Site, iTunes and Mixcloud. Please, listen, subscribe, like and share and all that stuff, we grow through your support.

1.Love Sunday (Original Mix) by Chip Chabralle
2.Monday (Original Mix) by Katorski
3.Snapshot of Love by Hugh Mane
4.Freud and the Oceanic Feeling (Original Mix) by Deepfunk
5.Angora (Fairmont Remix) by Ricardo Tobar
6.Rommella (Original Mix) by Love Over Entropy
7.Faith by Benedikt Frey
8.A2 by Dresvn
9.Mosaic by Apes
10.Secrets (Brassica Remix) by Henry Saiz
11.Black Shades for White Nights (Original Mix) by Pleasure Planet
12.I Even Don't Know (Original Mix) by Phil Disco
13.The Save (Original Mix) by Brynjolfur

03.04.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: DJ Erin E

Super excited to present DJ Erin E from the Santa Fe family. The electronic music culture of Santa Fe is one of America's best kept secrets, and on Erin is a prime example of the talent floating around that scene. A beautiful and eclectic mix with dreamy spanish grooves, and smart electronics. Pour a cup, get comfy and enjoy your sunday morning. Subscribe, stream and download here on our site, or listen on iTunes and MixCloud. Subscribe, share, enjoy!

1.La noche mágica de Miles by UNIVERSILDO
2.Fogust by Barrio Lindo
3.Schuvia (Oceanvs Orientalis perc Edit) by El Buho
4.Spaniol by Spaniol e Mono - Vagando no After
5.Chamada by Pr››h
6.Manana Tepotzlan by El Buho
7.Nomads night owl (original mix) by NINZE
8.Cumbia del Olvido by Nicola Cruz
9.Sel a Ves (Original mix) by Niju
10.Uno Resuena by Lulacruza
11.The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding (Paul Valentin Remix) by Aboutface
12.With Shackles On (Thomash Remix) by Dreems
13.Help, Hurt by FEATHERED SUN
14.Inyanga by Umoja
15.I Won't Light You by Nicola Cruz
16.segnitia by Niju
17.Larva De Araucaria (Para Mía) by Derrok
18.Rodrigo Gallardo's Version / ANDANTE by Uakti
19.Mermaid School (Sven Laux Interpretation) by D Numbers

06.03.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Fortune Finder

Quirky machine music, and mysterious techno adventures from Fortune Finder. stream and download here on our site, or listen on iTunes and MixCloud. Subscribe, share, enjoy!

1.Harpa (Original Mix) by Jex
2.Trans (12" Versjon) by Prins Thomas
3.Neuland (Quinto Remix) by Quinto
4.Suspended (Len Faki Remix) by Philippe Petit
5.Swift Box by John Tejada & Tin Man
6.Infiltration by Patrick Richard
7.Torch by Stefan Vincent
8.Missing Sunlight by Ma Spaventi
9.Out There (Vaal Remix) by Renato Ratier
10.Diamond Lanes (Achterbahn D'Amour Remix) by John Tejada & Tin Man
11.Black On Black (Len Faki Goes White Remix) by Scuba
12.Environmental Migrant by Silent Harbour
13.Skyway Motel by Creta Kano

21.02.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: UZIEGO

This week's psychedelic Sunday Morning With Coffee comes from Brooklyn's UZIEGO, an old friend of the gang, and relentless music head. Check out his far wandering, ultra chill journey of through outer space and enjoy your sunday. Available on our site, iTunes and MixCloud.

Evening of light NICO
His wife refused DAVID BYRNE
Nothing's Monstered ARTO LINDSEY
Secret life BILL LASWELL
All Gates are open CAN
Le Plante Savauge Allen Groener
Souel Power J-ZONE
Weeping Willow THE HEE SISTERS
Bounty Killer part 3 DEPTH CHARGE
Ode A La'affaire
 Oaxaca SUB DUB
Guantanamera EXPLORING MUSIC456
Ren and Stimpy theme 


All vinyl cuts and strut by UZIEGO
Brooklyn, NY 10.23.2015

07.02.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Roy England

This week our very own Roy England delivers a far ranging and eclectic Sunday Morning With Coffee. Tune in on our site, iTunes and MixCloud, and get your day off to a gentle start. 

Says - Nils Frahm - Erased Tapes Records
It Never Changes to Stop - The Books - Tomlab
Alphabet Town - Elliott smith - Kill Rock Stars
Wide Awake - J Mascis - Sub Pop
Plateau - Nirvana - Geffen
Midnight Lovers - Matthew Dear - Ghostly
Blackbird Song - Lee DeWyze - Vangaurd Records
No Diggity - Chet Faker - Opulent
Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) - Rihanna - Def Jam Recordings
Intro - The XX - Young Turks
Save the Children - Gil Scott-Heron - Flying Dutchman
Rhymes - Al Green - Hi Records
Feeding Seagulls - Stimming - Defected
Sedated - Choir of Young Believers - Ghostly
A Little Lost - Arthur Russell - Point Music
Me and You - Mikaere - Basic Sounds
One Hello World - He Writes Music to Voicemails - One Hello World

24.01.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Time for Trees

Your host Time for Trees delivers his first SMWC for 2016 with an ambient journey through winter with dreamy thoughts of spring. 

Available to listen and stream here on our site, in iTunes, RSS, or at our Mixcloud page.  

1.Far-Off Bliss by Pulse Emitter
2.Flow by Disasterpeace
3.Landing by Fax
4.Totem Land 2 by Blue Communion: ISAM
5.Diejuste by Iwa
6.Memoriam by Am.Light
7.Just Sit by Donnacha Costello
8.Gwyn, Lord of Cinder by Motoi Sakuraba
10.Balsam by Panabrite
11.Innsmouth, Today a Pleasant Seaside Town by Rising Sun Systems
12.Resident Evil - Save Room (Bitlegs Sandwich) by bitlegs
13.Wunderland by Arovane & Hior Chronik
14.Further Away by Milieu
15.Asteroid by Donnacha Costello

10.01.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Infinite ∞ Future

Sunday Morning With Coffee begins 2016 with nearly two hours hypnotic mind massaging from Kate Lesta, and Evelyn Malinowski. A lush, and dreamy mix, flowing fluidly from genre to genre, the perfect listen while contemplating life, the world, or just the weekend, over a warm cup of joe.

RSS Subscribe.


ASC - Half the Words You Say
Purl - Remnant
Kiln - Beliefsystem
Mohn - Mohn
Mark Van Hoen - Don't Look Back
Vainqueur - Solanus (extracted)
Docetism - The Wheel of Ixion Stands Still
Neel - The Secret Revealed
CFCF - Strange Form of Life (North Americans Remix)
Tortoise - Lithium Stiffs/Crest
Belgradeyard Sound System - Two Teaspoons
Storm And Stress - Piles of Blinkers Slip for New Years
Andrew Weathers - Go Lightning 
Seefeel - Signals
I:cube - Dans la pièce vide
Earth House Hold - A Little Late for That Now
Minilogue - Mellan Landet
Inch-time - Aurora
Warmth - Underwater
Sense - Tuesday Blue
Dendren - Perpetual Motion