06.03.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Fortune Finder

Quirky machine music, and mysterious techno adventures from Fortune Finder. stream and download here on our site, or listen on iTunes and MixCloud. Subscribe, share, enjoy!

1.Harpa (Original Mix) by Jex
2.Trans (12" Versjon) by Prins Thomas
3.Neuland (Quinto Remix) by Quinto
4.Suspended (Len Faki Remix) by Philippe Petit
5.Swift Box by John Tejada & Tin Man
6.Infiltration by Patrick Richard
7.Torch by Stefan Vincent
8.Missing Sunlight by Ma Spaventi
9.Out There (Vaal Remix) by Renato Ratier
10.Diamond Lanes (Achterbahn D'Amour Remix) by John Tejada & Tin Man
11.Black On Black (Len Faki Goes White Remix) by Scuba
12.Environmental Migrant by Silent Harbour
13.Skyway Motel by Creta Kano