17.04.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Time for Trees

Time for Trees rolled out of bed this morning and was all, oh shit, time to go to outer space, so he trundled into the studio and mixed up some disco, house, and techno for your sunday morning. Pour a cup, and blast off, by sitting really still and bein' chill. Or dance around, whatever, no one can tell you how to live your life. Government sure is trying though, right? Anyway, vote for Bernie Sanders. Subscribe and listen On Our Site, iTunes and Mixcloud. Please, listen, subscribe, like and share and all that stuff, we grow through your support.

1.Love Sunday (Original Mix) by Chip Chabralle
2.Monday (Original Mix) by Katorski
3.Snapshot of Love by Hugh Mane
4.Freud and the Oceanic Feeling (Original Mix) by Deepfunk
5.Angora (Fairmont Remix) by Ricardo Tobar
6.Rommella (Original Mix) by Love Over Entropy
7.Faith by Benedikt Frey
8.A2 by Dresvn
9.Mosaic by Apes
10.Secrets (Brassica Remix) by Henry Saiz
11.Black Shades for White Nights (Original Mix) by Pleasure Planet
12.I Even Don't Know (Original Mix) by Phil Disco
13.The Save (Original Mix) by Brynjolfur