03.04.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: DJ Erin E

Super excited to present DJ Erin E from the Santa Fe family. The electronic music culture of Santa Fe is one of America's best kept secrets, and on Erin is a prime example of the talent floating around that scene. A beautiful and eclectic mix with dreamy spanish grooves, and smart electronics. Pour a cup, get comfy and enjoy your sunday morning. Subscribe, stream and download here on our site, or listen on iTunes and MixCloud. Subscribe, share, enjoy!

1.La noche mágica de Miles by UNIVERSILDO
2.Fogust by Barrio Lindo
3.Schuvia (Oceanvs Orientalis perc Edit) by El Buho
4.Spaniol by Spaniol e Mono - Vagando no After
5.Chamada by Pr››h
6.Manana Tepotzlan by El Buho
7.Nomads night owl (original mix) by NINZE
8.Cumbia del Olvido by Nicola Cruz
9.Sel a Ves (Original mix) by Niju
10.Uno Resuena by Lulacruza
11.The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding (Paul Valentin Remix) by Aboutface
12.With Shackles On (Thomash Remix) by Dreems
13.Help, Hurt by FEATHERED SUN
14.Inyanga by Umoja
15.I Won't Light You by Nicola Cruz
16.segnitia by Niju
17.Larva De Araucaria (Para Mía) by Derrok
18.Rodrigo Gallardo's Version / ANDANTE by Uakti
19.Mermaid School (Sven Laux Interpretation) by D Numbers