15.05.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee and Home Normal - Time for Trees

This week's Sunday Morning mix comprises a handful of music from the always wonderful Home Normal label, run by old pal Ian Hawgood. There's so much great music on HN that I'll probably have to do a few of these to really do the label justice, but here is the first selection for you to enjoy. A super relaxing ambient journey to accompany your day.

1.aurore II by Nicolas Bernier
2.The sunflower who does not like to turn to the sun by Philippe Petit & Friends
3.A Film by Ten and Tracer by Ten and Tracer, Ian Hawgood
4.Harrowgate 1 by Elian
5.Asthenospheric Movement II by Faures
6.Dexterous Bushwa by Olan Mill
7.Atardecer by Federico Durand
8.rot gelb by René Margraff
9.3. Just For A Thrill by Fabio Orsi
10.Donors by Tobias Hellkvist
11.revera by fifto
12.we will not be silence by juxta phona
13.Kite by Stefano Guzzetti