26.06.2016 Sunday Morning With Coffee: Attentat

Our secret agent man Attentat comes to Sunday Morning with a far ranging mix mutating from experimental folk, and ambient drones to pulsing techno, and deep water tub. Relax, reflect, and get this in your earholes.


1.In The Spirit Acapella byHatikvah
2.Aqua 5 by Donato Dozzy & Neel
3.Greenish In Light by Christopher Bissonnette
4.They and Their Friends by Arthur Russel
5.Surface of Your Sin by offthesky
6.Raxeira by Eric CLoutier
7.Monkey Island by STL
8.Many Meters Work by Exos
9.Untitled 3 by Relay
10.Eastwood by Exos
11.Ariast by Hironori Takahashi
12.Red by Empathy Dub
13.Summer by Quartier Midi
14.Morsin by Dario Zenker
15.All Your Emergencies by Chaperone