SMWC2017_01 mixed by newnumbertwo


One of the oldest of friends newnumbertwo brings us the first mix of SMWC for 2017. A dreamy romp through house and techno. get a nice warm cup, have a sit outside and listen to some jams. 

newnumbertwo says:

As you know, the last 4-5 years I’ve been immersing myself in the UK post-garage/future forward/broken beat/whatever you want to call it sound, and I started noticing I had these deeper tracks that wouldn’t normally fit into one of my sets. Floaty, sentimental, lilting, but all with the swingin funk I love so much.

So, last Sunday, I woke up, made myself some amazing coffee and put this mix together. I hope you like it. Thanks for letting me contribute, and for being my buddy all these years.


  1. Dauwd - Moiety
  2. Sly-One - Come to Mine
  3. Horsepower Productions - Bak 2 NY
  4. October & Borai - I Didn't Mean To
  5. Youandwean - Alright Son
  6. Hackman - You Should Make Me
  7. Simo Cell - Gliding
  8. Paul Woolford - Pursuit (Extrawelt's Griddle Mix)
  9. ASC - Sonic Assault (Kangding Ray Mix)
  10. Arkist feat Appleblim - Addict (Komon Remix)