Underground Heroes 068 - Discuji

Better On Foot recording artist Discuji is this weeks guest on Underground Heroes. Delighting your ears with a gorgeous mix of deep house tunes. Be on the lookout for the new album "Jairasol" releasing this month! Album release party on Sep 27th at Wild Days Rooftop in Washington DC.

Track list:

1. Eugene Pascal - Roobis Romance
2. Janelle Pulo & Melchoir Sultana - Higher
3. Patrice Scott - Moments & Concepts
4. Vince Watson - Teardrops
5. Genius of Time - Peace Bird
6. Ron Trent - Blazzin
7. Vedritunes - Sirius
8. Amberrroom - Kastell (Dixon Retouch)
9. Madloch, Subnode - Shadow People (Charles Webster Mix - Discuji Edit)
10. Wil Milton & Carolyn Victorian - First Kiss (Bliss NYC Instrumental)
11. Mr. G & Duncan Forbes - Hip Shake D’s Buddha Beatz
12. Mike Dunn - This Beat
13. TM Shuffle & Ittara - Common Dub Ground
14. Yaleesa Hall & Malin - Artin
15. Ron Trent - Dimensions
16. Rampa, Chiara Noriko - For This
17. No Smoke - Koro Koro
18. Boddhi Satva - House Dancer
19. Marijus Aleksa - Mon Mon
20. Roi Okev - Little Helper 349-1
21. Levon Vincent - Late Reflections

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Underground Heroes 067 - Crix Madine

Obliq Recordings artist Crix Madine joins me on this weeks podcast. Bringing a dope selection of Detroit techno, IDM, and acid records. Be sure to check out their new A/V projects L’Astra Cosmo and nuuun the later project being with Atom (TM), see footage here: https://vimeo.com/holographique. Crix Madine has also done work with a couple bands that you definitely need to check out: Normal Ones, and Multicast. Thank you for your continued support, enjoy!

Track list:

Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiogio - Sechel (Firescope)

Roel Funcken - Borgon Cray (Analogical Force)

Reedale Rise - Eternal Return 1 (Frustrated Funk)

Russ Gabriel - The Way To Go (Firescope)

As One - Shambala E.R.P. Remix (Garage Hermétique)

John Shima - Phase Distortion (Firescope)

Convextion - Distant Transmission (A.R.T.LESS)

Shawn Rudiman - Too Far Gone (Tresor)

Duplex - Molecular Ovatow Reclock (Frustrated Funk)

Dan Curtin - Flight Lush (Dolly Dubs)

Plant43 - Lo-res Dreams (CPU)

Claro Intelecto - Messages (Delsin)

Derek Carr - Advance (Subwax Excursions)

London Modular Alliance - Fallow (Applied Rhythmic Technology)

Versalife - Vortices (Shipwrec)

Shinra - Reflector (Analogical Force)

ScanOne - Smoke Machine (Analogical Force)

Wildplanet - Headcleaner (Warp)

ERP - Ancient Light (Forgotten Future)

Plant43 - Radiant Flux (CPU)

Morphology - Distant Signal (Firescope)

Roel Funcken - Sapper Morton (Analogical Force)

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Underground Heroes 066 - Brandon Brown

This weeks guest is a beautiful human, great DJ, and old friend. Mesa Recordings artist and CMKY crew stalwart Brandon Brown aka Focalist is back. Bringing us a gorgeous summer mix to help you through the heatwave. Be sure to check his last album here, and his latest remix on Make mistakes here. Follow him on FB @thebbrown twitter @brndnbrwn and on Soundcloud @focalist Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

Dreems  - In the Desert

Nu - Palomita

Nicola Cruz - Tzantza

Pale - Orchidea

Uskmatu - Whisper In a Dream (Feathericci Remix)

Royce Wood Jr - Rover

Dreems - Cooking Bananas Under A Blue Moon At Mike's

Pilgrims of the Mind - Nothing Can Pull Us Apart

Tender Games - Lost

Frameworks - Tides

Brian Mayhall - San Anne Tone

Eshla - All Alone (Jacky O Remix)

1991 - Distortion of Time

AAL - Know You

Isotroph - Abra a Boca

Leon Vynehall - Midnight on Rainbow Road (Beat Edit)

B Bravo - I'm For Real

Imps - Almost Live But Definitely Plugged

Pacifica - White Nights

Kilowatts - Monument

Smilk - Yeahlike

Parra For Cuva - Out Here With Us

Ron Basejam - No Jose Intro

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here.

Underground Heroes 065 - Derek Russo

Mistake maker Derek Russo joins me this week as my guest on Underground Heroes. Check out his latest release on Make Mistakes here. Follow him on social media @derekrusso . Derek helps us ring in summer with an eclectic selection of house rhythms, techno beats, acid lines, and tribal grooves. Thanks for your continued support, enjoy!

Track list:

1. Dreamscape - Forevermore [World Building 2018]

2. SW. - Untitled (C1) [SUED 2016]

3. Occidental - Trespass Dat A$$ [Deep Club 2018]

4. Mor Elian - Sparkle Tube [Fever AM 2017]

5. Sandoz - Dark Continent [Touch 1996]

6. Mutant Beat Dance - Toy Story [Rush Hour 2018]

7. D. Tiffany - Far Out [Heart to Heart 2017]

8. Specter - Hunchback [Sound Signature 2018]

9. E-GZR - Untitled (A1) [Wania 2018]

10. Ali Berger - Secrets [FCR 2019]

11. C Vogel - Untitled (B1) [Mosquito 1995]

12. Randomer - Jakobs Dream [L.I.E.S. 2014]

13. Alex D - A1 [Beer Money USA 2018]

14. Shake - My Name is Binky [Metroplex 1993]

15. Streetside Boys - I Want To Be With You (Aphex Twin Version) [unreleased 2015]

16. Jackson Ryland - Time Alone [Cahoots 2019]

17. Billy Nightmare - Is This the Life For Me [Dark Entries 2018]

18. Secret Studio - No Mills [unreleased]

19. DJ Dog & Double Dancer - Air Ball 2000 [Rebound Lounge 2017]

20. Noleian Reusse - Musing [Black Tekno 2013]

21. Intareality - Zone 4 [Frequencies Unknown 2018]

22. Derek Russo - The Passengers [Make Mistakes 2019]

23. Florian Kupfer - Feelin (Dub Mix) [L.I.E.S. 2013]

24. Artefakt - The Radiant City [Deep Sound Channel 2017]

25. Premature Wig - Hungry Monitor [Skor 2003]

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Underground Heroes 064 - Peer Review

Manny and Nico from Peer Review join me on this weeks episode of Underground Heroes. Giving us a delightful mix of electronic grooves, house jams, and techno stompers. Catch them in Denver coming up on June 23rd with Octo Octa. Thanks for your continued support!

Track list:

Vienna Press — Remnants_Untitled

Superstar VS Tapes — Spirit World

ponyrok — Precursor

Blouse — Into Black

VoX LoW — Loving Hell

Lena Wilikens — Howlin Lupus

Melquiades — Morning Breeze

/DL/MS/ — Repitlian Genetics

RAW M.T — Untitled 02

Buzz Compass — Get On Up (Editorial # 12)

Harmonious Thelonious — Ayranman

Carisma — Que es Wave? (Mr. TC Remix)

Saint Etienne — Your Head My Voice [Voix Revirement]

Mosca — White Mice

Kassem Mosse — Untitled

Sleeparchive — Perspective

Lowtec — Untitled


Kettenkarussell — Just For A Second

Daphne — When You Love Someone (Groove Instrumental)

Herbert — Non-Stop

Muchias — Leave A Little Air To Breathe

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 063

Make Mistakes recording artist and all around sweetheart Fredy Grogan return to the podcast this week. Check out their remix and original work on Make Mistakes. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

ManmadeScience - Smoke 

 Nebraska - Big Plate Chicken (Alma Negra’s Blacksoul Remix)

Moodymann - Notime2stop

Oba Frank Lords &  Katiahshé - Agua 

David & Lez - Fearess

Zico House Junkie - A Clan Called Ootogu ( Instrumental Afro Mix)

Cosmo & Kramer - West Africa 

Derek Russo - The Passenger (Fredy Grogan Remix)

SoulPhiction pres. SBM - Tripolis Jam

Borrowed Identity - Queens Bridge 

Fredy Grogan - Stand Up & Shake

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here.

Underground Heroes 062

My guest this week is Sappho! Sappho is a music selector and soul reflector. Forever searching for music to contribute to the soundtrack of the cosmic travels of nightlife, she relentlessly researches, expands on a narrative and exposes the listener to music they may have never heard but love and keeps it QUEER. Residencies include: Portland Oregon’s NoFOMO parties; the nightclub, Underground SF, in San Francisco;  and the Bottom Forty  in Seattle, WA. Also catch her with Tiga on May 10th @ Kremwerk in Seattle. Be sure to follow Sappho online:




Track list:

Osinski Ensemble - Safari (Extended Re-Edit)

Celestino - O Capoeirista (Original Mix)

As Smooth As feat. Kezz - But This Is Serbia

Bertrand Burgalat - Étranges nuages (Yuksek Remix)

Dodi Palese - Southern Sun

Zombies in Miami - Snake Language

Terr - Have You Ever

Konvex & The Shadow & FRAG - Shining Like Haloes (The Drifter remix)

Panthera Krause - Tropical Redux

Bolla - Afrikan Basement - A Means of Communication (Freaky Dub)

Uta Bella - Enyin (Neopolitan Euphoria Edit)

Listen on SoundCloud by clicking here.

Underground Heroes 061

Timo from Finland joins me on this weeks episode, providing us with a beautiful and nostalgic yet modern mix of acid house and techno for your earholes. Be sure to follow him on social media @deeprhythms and check out the website  www.deeprhythms.com, where Timo has been curating mixes for the past couple decades. Thanks for your continued support, enjoy!

Track list:

01 Motion Process - Introsmission - Life Notes Recordings

02 Underground Resistance - Hype Stuff - Vibe Records

03 Brother Nebula - Parting Infinity - Legwork

04 Local Group - Random Utterances - Ritual Poison

05 Chevron - Film 808 (Posthuman Remix) - Balkan Recordings

06 Posthuman - Down 2 Jakk - Craigie Knowes

07 Dawl - Party's In The Basement - Tone Dropout

08 Khotin - Friend - Public Release

09 Motion Process - Monotonal Vibes - Life Notes Recordings

10 Djrum - Sex - R & S Records

11 Gauss - Shifted - Gauss ltd

12 Mor Elian - Cymatic Ring - Fever AM

13 Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid - Xhale - Unknown To The Unknown

14 LFO - I Love Acid - Balkan Recordings

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here.

Underground Heroes 060

Tape Ghost is my guest this week from the Asterisk Collective in San Francisco. Check out the latest album "Mobius" released on Ghunghru Sounds and upcoming vinyl on Perfect Location Records. Also be sure to check out the collaborative ambient dub project Night Sea. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

Nuuk (Air) - Thomas Köner

Fernweh - SVLBRD

Fairbanks - Ligovskoi

uwëm/creātiōn - Space Afrika

79º S 83º W - SleepResearch_Facility

Stratostaatti - Ø

Void - Monolake

Heliotrope - Peter Van Hoesen

Pathfinder (Eric Cloutier Remix) - Archivist

Emerald - Birds ov Paradise

Tecken III - Dorisburg & Efraim Kent

Arado - Clay Wilson

The Moon Chant - Marco Shuttle

Stegosauria - Mike Parker & Donato Dozzy

The Hermit - Lucy

Osmosis IV - Hydrangea

Osmosis - Michal Wolski

Folded Edge - Akkord

Having Never Written A Note For Percussion (Performed by Rrose) - James Tenney

The Morning After - Neel

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 059

This weeks guest is P.U.N.C.H.I.S. resident, and Hello Strange recording artist Andre Orcutt. You can catch him live streaming on Fridays on the @punchisdenver Facebook page. You can also catch Andre on April 5th at The Black Box Theater in Denver. Follow Andre on social media @andreorcutt and keep up to date on his website www.andreorcuttmusic.com Thanks for your continued support!

Track list:

Araceae - Prelude For Spring // Faint

Purl - Under Mjuka Vatten // Archives

Moduleset - In Focus // Cut Records

Heavenchord, Sibling - Lonesome Landscape // Fauxpas Musik

Vril - Statera Rerum // Delsin Records

Uskmatu - Moving Through Outer Space (Lost Lake Remix) // Make Mistakes

Eczema - Step Of The Future // Punchis Records

Versilov - 160 // Hello Strange

Inigo Kennedy - Glacier // Token

Shohei Takata - Last Resort // Statik Entertainment

Mechanist, i.conik - Xyleme // Tehnofonika Records

Solar Noise - November // Tehnofonika Records

bvdub - Nameless // N5MD Records

Listen to this mix on Soundcloud by clicking here.

Underground Heroes 058

Mistake maker Lost Lake joins me this week on Underground Heroes to promote the new Sea Spine EP on Make Mistakes, available now on vinyl, digital, and streaming. Pick up your vinyl copy while supplies last!

Track list:

Minilogue - Loud - Cocoon Recordings

Powder - Humid Wind - ESP Institute

Lost Lake - Talcum

Lord of the Isles- DYFM - Permanent Vacation

D. Tiffany - Blue Dream - Pacific Rhythm

Time For Trees - Oh,Just Forget About It - Make Mistakes

Octo Octa - Where Are We Going - 100%Silk

Arnaldo - Screaming With A Blocked Nose - Smallville Records

Coyote Clean Up - Worldwide Sunshine - (inyrheartnttheskydub)

Bird (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)- Kelly Lee Owens - Smalltown Supersound

Powder - Heart - Cocktail d-Amore Music

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Underground Heroes 057

San Francisco's own Atlas of Nothing joins me on this weeks show. Bringing an interesting and eclectic mix of Russian producers and composers. Be sure to check out Atlas of Nothing's new EP Audio Surveillance Zone on Perfect Location Records. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

My Flights Without You - Inga Mauer - Shtum Records
На чилле - Draka - Raw Russian
Car Izg - Kik - New York Haunted
трек для магазина со шмотками - Soap Jam - Unknown
Perpetuity - iJJ - Unknown
желиние и движение - Soap Jam - Unknown
Долго и Медленно (Rawkate Remix) - Natural Underground - Ynot Records
Loss Of Connection (Theodore Remix) - Discotopia - Jungle Gym Records
Anatomy - Gorilya - Get Busy
по вечерам - Doru Belu - Raw Russian
Russo Pulija - Rust - Unknown
Boppin' (Camin' Remix) - Yung Acid - New York Haunted
To The Border & Back - RNBWS - Get Busy
Faint Scrap - Draag - Unknown
Pain - Feel Blackside - Unpause Records
IV - Korablove - Unknown
Permission - Regulaar - Unknown
Gliese 876 - Feel Blackside - Unpause Records
BR128 - Regulaar - Unknown
Anxiety - Draag - Unknown

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 056

A fantastic DJ, and a super sweet awesome human, Nancy Dru from Proper Productions is my guest this week, playing an epic set of techno goodies for us. Be sure to follow her on Soundcloud: nancy_dru & Facebook: djnancydru // Also performing in Seattle May 28thJuly 1st in Vancouver, and July 8th at the Bass Coast Festival.  Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 055

I'm playing fun loving house music for yo momma on this weeks episode. Get a copy of the new Make Mistakes vinyl here // and grab a copy of my latest single on Perfect Location Records here.
Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

Human Range - Nils Frahm
Cyganka - Ańii
Dschuna (Dixon Mix) - Vermont
In The End There Is A Smile (Lovebirds Remix) - Liquid Phonk
The Phoenix Part 1 - Marquis Hawkes
Brenda Done Died With No Name - Tommy Rawson
Latican Boogie (Crackazat remix) - Joey Negro
Testify (Terrence Parker Remix) - Jamie 3:26 & Masalo
Us - George T.
Sundial (Groove Assassin Remix) - Crackazat
Feel The Night (Ghost Of Venice Remix) - Luxxury
High Times - Marcus Marr
Love For Days (feat Karen Harding) - Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch
Ya Dig - Lucas Welle & Jamie Trench
Disco Circus Pt 2  (Cratebug Edit) - Martin Circus
Julie - Pezzner

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 054

Owner and curator of Perfect Location Records, and Jacktone recording artist Experimental Housewife returns to the show this week. Always a pleasure to have her as a guest, and as usual she delivers a dope selection of house and techno tunes. If you don't know about Perfect Location Records yet, you need to check the link below! Grab tunes at www.exhouse.info and the label www.perfectlocation.bandcamp.com Thanks for tuning and enjoy.

Track list:

Octo Octa - Not Sure What To Do (Variation Zoning 4) [100% Silk]
E.B.E. - Subducted [Solid Trax]
MCM - Day 121 [Lonely Planet Recordings]
Chaos In The CBD - United Identities [In Dust We Trust]
Solid Sessions - Janiero (Rui da Silva Remix) [Kismet]
K-Hand - Untitled B1 [Acacia]
FOANS - Depression/Regression [100% Silk]
Space Dimension Controller - Exostack (Kornél Kovács Remix) [R&S]
Bruce - Steals [Hessle Audio]
Cosmin TRG - To Touch Is To Divert [50Weapons] 
WK7 - Rhythm 2 (Power Snap Mix) [Power House]
Cherushii feat. Golden Donna - Indigo Wave [Self-release]
A.D.N.Y. Pres. Leiva - Queseva [Plastic City]
Romansoff - Sour Cream [Raw Tools]
Kamera - Consignia (Yaleesa Hall Dub) [Phantasy Sound]

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 053

Mother Earth Sound System co-founder, long time friend, and general nice guy Scott Everett joins me on this weeks episode of Underground Heroes! Dropping a super dope psychedelic acid trip mix for your earholes :) Since 1993 Scott has been DJing and throwing quality parties from the SF bay area to Denver and many point between. Be sure to catch him performing at the legendary full moon parties throughout the Rocky Mountains when you get a chance.

Track list:

Underground Resistance - Quadrasonic (UR)
Tob Jona - Untitled (Raygun)
Symbols & Instruments - Science of Numbers (KMS) 
Bento Box - Dot to Dot (Parallel)
Sunrise Society - Edge of Chaos (Pacific)
The Alchemist - In the Beginning
Nebula - Nebula 1 (Jack Trax)
Eon - Wave Angel (Electron Industries)
Aphrohead - Tri-Beka (Clashbackk)
Caucasian Boy - Gone Clear (Strictly Rhythm)
Roy Davis, Jr. - Looking 4 Excitement (The Wild Acid) 
Klark MC Handshake - Up + Down (Formic)
Russ Gabriel - Steam Roller (Input Neuron Musique) 
Chris Air - Komm Komm (Eintakt)
IVM2 - “R” Future (10t Planet) 
Nuron - Eau Rouge (Likemind) 
Kasm - Past Powers (Lo Voltage)

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 052

Samuel Dukane joins me this week with a deep and moody mix of emotional techno and house. Also known under the alias Inthin Aire you can usually find him performing in and around San Francisco and Denver. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:
Deep In My Hand - Kristian Veron
Bliss Theory - Baraso
Uneins - Kollektiv Turmstrasse
Jamaica Burning (Version 2) - Carter Bros
Abscondence - Recondite
Crepuscular (Dave Aju Remix) - Alland Byallo
Never Leave You (Abandoned) (Kristian Veron Remix) - Boy Funktastic
Unknown - Unknown
Crankfrank (Hernan Bass Remix) - Carbon
Szajba - Chmara Winter

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 051

Brian Busto is my guest this week playing some house, techno, and a bit in-between. Tampa, FL based producer and DJ for 20+ years. Check out his releases on Slightly Off, Evasive, and Bombis Records, and his Serious Soul events. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

Roy England – Zero Gravity (Lost Lake Remix)
The Maersk Project – Konsume (Stark Live Mix)
ZK Bucket – Dove Pan
Anthony Naples – The Vision (Mix NY)
Hijacker – After Hours (Mikael Stavostrand Mix)
Alkalino – Self Examination (Dub Mix)
The Midnight Perverts – Protocol 32
The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice (Confetti Bomb Remix)(Busto Edit)
Eric Matays – Mech Drone 3
Loop Exposure – Who’s The Wolfman (TC Studio Remix)
Michael Zucker – Wasting Time
Dj Pierre – What Is This House Music (Jazzuelle’s Deeper Acid Mix)
John Daly – This Is A Lonely Beat (Edit)
Global Communication – 8 07

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 050

For our 50th episode of Underground Heroes Alala.One returns with a deeply emotional mix of esoteric techno as medicine. From Alala - “This is an offering of requiem & repose, reaching out to realms beyond. It contains hidden messages imprinted on wax. The vinyl recorded here encapsulates all the pain, rage & sadness I’ve felt since I lost my younger brother to suicide in August of 2016. These are the emotions I can not put into words: Esoteric Techno as Medicine."

Thanks for tuning in!

Track list:

The Caretaker "Mental Caverns Without Sunshine” History Always Favours The Winners 2011
Uncto “Pain Outside” Furanum Records 2015
Milton Bradley “Throw Yourself Into A Scenario Of Which You Know No Ending” Do Not Resist The Beat! 2016
Akkord “Undertow” Houndstooth 2013
Icore “Claimed By Night” Osiris Music UK 2017
Pan Sonic “Urania” Blast First 1999
Shxcxchcxsh “Sub Mission - The Atlantic Vision” Avian 2014
Raime “Exist In The Repeat Of Practice” Blackest Ever Black 2012
ASC “Simplex” Arts Transparent 2017
Mi-24 “Stealth Mode” Other Heights 2011
Quartier Midi “Silver” Grokenberger 2015
Saturne “Density Matrix” Auxiliary 2017
Grey Branches “Exsolve” Inner Surface Music 2014
Talker “Snub Nose" Standards & Practices 2017
T++ “Space Break” Erosion 2006
Tdel “Catharsis” Wage Slave 2016
Rich Oddie “Bloodstream” Surface LTD 2013
Alex Alben “Irin” New York Trax 2017
Plastikman “Elektrix” Plus 8 Records 1994
Ø [Phase] “Insectoid” Token 2014
Sigha “Untitled” Our Circula Sound 2013
Time Traveller “RX” Chronicles Diary 2016
Planetary Assault Systems “Nanendi” Mote-Evolver 2013
Further Reductions “It’s Later Than You Think” Knekelhuis 2017
Evod, Oisel “G” Singular Records 2017
Dasha Rush “Acid Melancholy” Sonic Groove 2017

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here

Underground Heroes 049

Ambassador of House Music - Mike Clark joins me this week and delivers the goods! Also known as Agent X, Mike has been spreading the Detroit gospel worldwide for over 3 decades. Follow him on social media at mikeagentxclark and don't sleep on his current and older productions on such well respected labels as Third Ear, Planet E, Underground Resistance, Nite Groove, and of course his own label Strictly Beatdown. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here