Underground Heroes - 003

Fax was able to provide us with a beautiful guest DJ set of smooth jams to help keep your week relaxed. Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy.

Vessels "Echo In"
Cubenx "Treasures"
Chrome Sparks "Enter The Chrome Forest"
Joy Orbison "A213"
Microesfera "Numbers"
Fort Romeau "Latel"
Recondite "Undulate"
Alexandre Navarro "Message"
White Visitation "Close Your Eyes And Dream Of Screaming"
Karmelloz "Blunt Tutorial"
Ricardo Donoso "Pinnacle"
Melfi "Vyrva"
Pye Corner Audio "The Mirror Ball Cracked"
Internazionale "Amongst Foreign Birches, Russian Men With Ivory Torsos"

(p.s. for my nerds..... yes i know i said 2 decades, even though it's only been like 14 or 15 years)