Underground Heroes 046

Fortune Finder is my guest this week, providing a relaxing and gentle mix to help you decompress after this hectic weekend. We here at Make Mistakes would like to wish you peace, love, and happiness for 2018. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy.

Track list:
Amazzone - Mushrooms Project
Blame It On Rea - Max Essa
Huna (Kasper Bjørke Version) - Stiggsen, Coss
Overgroomed - Soiree
Seif - Chris Paladin
Live Drama - Hugh Mane
Told You So - Cameo Culture
Taronja - Man Power
Rain Parade (Mark E Remix) -DJ Ageishi, Ackin
Blue Skies (Ray Mang Remix) - Cadillac Future
Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix) - Coyote
Natural Power - Neil Scrivin
Murmure - Dauwd
Come Back Down - Home
Dead Angel - Lyeform
Soul (Bonus Track) [feat. Peter Broderick] - Rival Consoles
Odyssey - Rival Consoles
Arthur - Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas
Singularity - Bonnie & Klein
Maja - Cantoma
Lovin' Feeling - French 79
Native - Home

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