Underground Heroes 028

Ryan Scannura from Deep Club joins me this week for some afrobeat and deep house fun. Enjoy.

From Ryan:

"I spent about a month pulling records before recording this mix. The records range from old classics to brand new. I've been playing more house than usual lately, and this mix is representative of that, although it does cover some techno. Usually when I'm feeling down or current events or politics are gloomy, disco and house makes me feel better. But this mix goes beyond just dance music. I've been studying jazz most of my life, and lately I've been buying more jazz, afrobeat, and tribal house records. For this mix, I wanted to play a large chunk of jazz and afrobeat, so that's how I started. The rest of the mix followed based on the first section. Whether people realize it or not, jazz is at the core of most music that we listen to everyday. It's influence is broad, and it permeates all dance music. However, even deeper engrained in almost all cultures is the beat of a drum. It's something we all recognize. It's as innate to us as spoken language. Drums are the heartbeat, jazz is the teacher, and dance is the celebration."

Track list:

  • 01. Theo Parrish - Somethin [Sound Signature]
  • 02. Keith Jarrett - El Juicio [Atlantic]
  • 03. Masters at Work - Zoe [MAW]
  • 04. Theo Parrish - Flip the Funk Out [Sound Signature]
  • 05. Osunlade - Siguaraya [Yoruba]
  • 06. Masters at Work / Fela Kuti - Accapella 
  • 07. Mike Simonetti - Boss Nova Civic Club Bootleg [2MR]
  • 08. The Lost Kid - Southern Discomfort [Proper Trax]
  • 09. Logic - The Final Frontier (Acoustic Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
  • 10. Osunlade - Cantos A Ochun Et Oya [Yoruba]
  • 11. Patrice Scott - Sequence Two [Sistrum]
  • 12. Mateo & Matos - Love Style [Strata]