Underground Heroes 036

Rudy Kardos from Rizumu joins me this week. Be sure to check him out at Hot Mass over July 4th weekend. And also at his monthly open air parties in Fairmont Park (Rock Garden), next one on July 16th. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

1. Circulation | Mauve (mix B) 
2. Fluxion | Motion 3
3. Fred P | Wave Patterns
4. Marko Militana | Good People
5. 7 Citizens | Muse (Snuff Crew remix) 
6. Claude Young | Impolite To Refuse (ICAN mix) 
7. Shawn Rudiman | Uplink! (Frank Mueller remix) 
8. Mike Storm | Interconnecting
9. Traffic Signs | The Big Fake
10. Tapir | S7 - Christian Bloch's Dub Techno remix
11. Stephen Lopkin | Rannoch Moor
12. Fatima Yamaha | The Creature From Culture Creation


Listen on SoundCloud by clicking here