Underground Heroes 038

Mesa Recordings co-owner, super-sweetheart, and all around nice guy Feathericci joins me this week on Underground Heroes! Follow him on social media @feathericci And be sure to check out his remixes for Make Mistakes. Thanks for tuning in and Enjoy!

Track list:

Carillion - Smagghe and Cross
Whale Parade - Stavros
Fractal Mood - Decola Prates
Whip - Richard Myles
Learning to Fly (Kris Davis Groove Remix) - Blancah
Loser’s Hymn - Taloboman
Sequenze (Ft. Tale Of Us) - Recondite
Fyne - Lord Of The Isles
The Horn Conspiracy (DJ Kicks) - Michael Mayer
Hide The Pictures - Seb Wildblood
A Simple Thing - Ripperton
Won’t Forget - Lusine
Aches - Baba Stiltz
Opus 17 - Gui Boratto

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here