Underground Heroes 050

For our 50th episode of Underground Heroes Alala.One returns with a deeply emotional mix of esoteric techno as medicine. From Alala - “This is an offering of requiem & repose, reaching out to realms beyond. It contains hidden messages imprinted on wax. The vinyl recorded here encapsulates all the pain, rage & sadness I’ve felt since I lost my younger brother to suicide in August of 2016. These are the emotions I can not put into words: Esoteric Techno as Medicine."

Thanks for tuning in!

Track list:

The Caretaker "Mental Caverns Without Sunshine” History Always Favours The Winners 2011
Uncto “Pain Outside” Furanum Records 2015
Milton Bradley “Throw Yourself Into A Scenario Of Which You Know No Ending” Do Not Resist The Beat! 2016
Akkord “Undertow” Houndstooth 2013
Icore “Claimed By Night” Osiris Music UK 2017
Pan Sonic “Urania” Blast First 1999
Shxcxchcxsh “Sub Mission - The Atlantic Vision” Avian 2014
Raime “Exist In The Repeat Of Practice” Blackest Ever Black 2012
ASC “Simplex” Arts Transparent 2017
Mi-24 “Stealth Mode” Other Heights 2011
Quartier Midi “Silver” Grokenberger 2015
Saturne “Density Matrix” Auxiliary 2017
Grey Branches “Exsolve” Inner Surface Music 2014
Talker “Snub Nose" Standards & Practices 2017
T++ “Space Break” Erosion 2006
Tdel “Catharsis” Wage Slave 2016
Rich Oddie “Bloodstream” Surface LTD 2013
Alex Alben “Irin” New York Trax 2017
Plastikman “Elektrix” Plus 8 Records 1994
Ø [Phase] “Insectoid” Token 2014
Sigha “Untitled” Our Circula Sound 2013
Time Traveller “RX” Chronicles Diary 2016
Planetary Assault Systems “Nanendi” Mote-Evolver 2013
Further Reductions “It’s Later Than You Think” Knekelhuis 2017
Evod, Oisel “G” Singular Records 2017
Dasha Rush “Acid Melancholy” Sonic Groove 2017

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