Underground Heroes 053

Mother Earth Sound System co-founder, long time friend, and general nice guy Scott Everett joins me on this weeks episode of Underground Heroes! Dropping a super dope psychedelic acid trip mix for your earholes :) Since 1993 Scott has been DJing and throwing quality parties from the SF bay area to Denver and many point between. Be sure to catch him performing at the legendary full moon parties throughout the Rocky Mountains when you get a chance.

Track list:

Underground Resistance - Quadrasonic (UR)
Tob Jona - Untitled (Raygun)
Symbols & Instruments - Science of Numbers (KMS) 
Bento Box - Dot to Dot (Parallel)
Sunrise Society - Edge of Chaos (Pacific)
The Alchemist - In the Beginning
Nebula - Nebula 1 (Jack Trax)
Eon - Wave Angel (Electron Industries)
Aphrohead - Tri-Beka (Clashbackk)
Caucasian Boy - Gone Clear (Strictly Rhythm)
Roy Davis, Jr. - Looking 4 Excitement (The Wild Acid) 
Klark MC Handshake - Up + Down (Formic)
Russ Gabriel - Steam Roller (Input Neuron Musique) 
Chris Air - Komm Komm (Eintakt)
IVM2 - “R” Future (10t Planet) 
Nuron - Eau Rouge (Likemind) 
Kasm - Past Powers (Lo Voltage)

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