Underground Heroes 069 - Bobby Allen

Bobby Allen joins me this week from Australia, bringing some dark and eclectic techno for your earholes. Bobby produces under the name “Fables!” and you can check his tunes on bandcamp by clicking here, also he has an EP on the label Ellora, and also did a remix for my “Deep Space” tune on Make Mistakes. Follow him on social media @iamfables . Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

Ketev - Traces of Weakness

Mod21 - Black Ink (Refracted Remix)

Architectural - Lipstick And Cigarettes

Varg - No Knowledge of Sorrow or Regret

Tobias. - Blind Mass

Aphex Twin - Actium

Keji Itan - Moon

Rjukan - Vild Skulptur

Boards of Canada - White Cyclosa

Joy Division - Decades

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here.