Underground Heroes 059

This weeks guest is P.U.N.C.H.I.S. resident, and Hello Strange recording artist Andre Orcutt. You can catch him live streaming on Fridays on the @punchisdenver Facebook page. You can also catch Andre on April 5th at The Black Box Theater in Denver. Follow Andre on social media @andreorcutt and keep up to date on his website www.andreorcuttmusic.com Thanks for your continued support!

Track list:

Araceae - Prelude For Spring // Faint

Purl - Under Mjuka Vatten // Archives

Moduleset - In Focus // Cut Records

Heavenchord, Sibling - Lonesome Landscape // Fauxpas Musik

Vril - Statera Rerum // Delsin Records

Uskmatu - Moving Through Outer Space (Lost Lake Remix) // Make Mistakes

Eczema - Step Of The Future // Punchis Records

Versilov - 160 // Hello Strange

Inigo Kennedy - Glacier // Token

Shohei Takata - Last Resort // Statik Entertainment

Mechanist, i.conik - Xyleme // Tehnofonika Records

Solar Noise - November // Tehnofonika Records

bvdub - Nameless // N5MD Records

Listen to this mix on Soundcloud by clicking here.