Underground Heroes 060

Tape Ghost is my guest this week from the Asterisk Collective in San Francisco. Check out the latest album "Mobius" released on Ghunghru Sounds and upcoming vinyl on Perfect Location Records. Also be sure to check out the collaborative ambient dub project Night Sea. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Track list:

Nuuk (Air) - Thomas Köner

Fernweh - SVLBRD

Fairbanks - Ligovskoi

uwëm/creātiōn - Space Afrika

79º S 83º W - SleepResearch_Facility

Stratostaatti - Ø

Void - Monolake

Heliotrope - Peter Van Hoesen

Pathfinder (Eric Cloutier Remix) - Archivist

Emerald - Birds ov Paradise

Tecken III - Dorisburg & Efraim Kent

Arado - Clay Wilson

The Moon Chant - Marco Shuttle

Stegosauria - Mike Parker & Donato Dozzy

The Hermit - Lucy

Osmosis IV - Hydrangea

Osmosis - Michal Wolski

Folded Edge - Akkord

Having Never Written A Note For Percussion (Performed by Rrose) - James Tenney

The Morning After - Neel

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here