Underground Heroes 067 - Crix Madine

Obliq Recordings artist Crix Madine joins me on this weeks podcast. Bringing a dope selection of Detroit techno, IDM, and acid records. Be sure to check out their new A/V projects L’Astra Cosmo and nuuun the later project being with Atom (TM), see footage here: https://vimeo.com/holographique. Crix Madine has also done work with a couple bands that you definitely need to check out: Normal Ones, and Multicast. Thank you for your continued support, enjoy!

Track list:

Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiogio - Sechel (Firescope)

Roel Funcken - Borgon Cray (Analogical Force)

Reedale Rise - Eternal Return 1 (Frustrated Funk)

Russ Gabriel - The Way To Go (Firescope)

As One - Shambala E.R.P. Remix (Garage Hermétique)

John Shima - Phase Distortion (Firescope)

Convextion - Distant Transmission (A.R.T.LESS)

Shawn Rudiman - Too Far Gone (Tresor)

Duplex - Molecular Ovatow Reclock (Frustrated Funk)

Dan Curtin - Flight Lush (Dolly Dubs)

Plant43 - Lo-res Dreams (CPU)

Claro Intelecto - Messages (Delsin)

Derek Carr - Advance (Subwax Excursions)

London Modular Alliance - Fallow (Applied Rhythmic Technology)

Versalife - Vortices (Shipwrec)

Shinra - Reflector (Analogical Force)

ScanOne - Smoke Machine (Analogical Force)

Wildplanet - Headcleaner (Warp)

ERP - Ancient Light (Forgotten Future)

Plant43 - Radiant Flux (CPU)

Morphology - Distant Signal (Firescope)

Roel Funcken - Sapper Morton (Analogical Force)

Listen on SoundCloud by clicking here.